Aiden Sinclair Live at the Historic Stanley Hotel

Aiden Sinclair is the exclusive resident Illusionist of the world famous Historic Stanley Hotel! 


Illusions of the Passed

Do you hear things that go bump in the night?  

Have you ever wondered if you could speak to those long gone?

Aiden Sinclair Presents

Illusions of the Passed

A Theatrical Seance

This 90 minute production introduces the audience to the strange world of Victorian Seance.  Authentic antiques and artifacts from iconic moments in history are used to give you contact with the Passed.  

Do you dare to hold a piece of the tragic Titanic or touch a cold artifact from the famous Jack the Ripper Case?  Will you come face to face with the Ghost of the great Harry Houdini?  Or stare into the sad eyes of a haunted doll?

Don't miss this engaging evening of Haunts and History.

only at the Historic QUEEN MARY!

7:30 Pm Showtime